Our Training and Consulting services are comprehensive and cover the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) of the entire business life cycle. Our work starts from understanding the status quo and defining the new direction forward for the business.



Once the strategy is defined, reviewed and approved by the top management, Strategiqa identifies the mechanisms which will ensure that the execution of the strategy is planned and implemented. We use various international systems and models to ensure that a comprehensive support system for effective strategy implementation is put in place.

Training Need Analysis

Strategiqa conducts a 1 day workshop where all the departments participate and evolve the roles and responsibilities for all the employees of the organization. This will lead to a survey/ assessment which will help identify the training needs of all individuals along with the modes of training.

Before discussing the TNA, we must first understand that we need to create a baseline for doing TNA. This is the roles and responsibilities matrix. After identifying all the roles and responsibilities, we need to also identify the competencies required in our context. The competency needs will vary for different organizations, even if the roles and responsibilities sound similar.

In fact, the competency needs are based on the process followed to discharge these responsibilities. We need to understand the underlying processes as well before defining competencies. This will give us the technology and leadership angle. When we have identified all the competency needs for the identified roles, we need to map to the person. This is a performance appraisal, where we need to see the individual capacity and capability in light of the competencies expected.

When the individual competencies are mapped to the competencies required for the role, we will be able to identify the gaps. This is the input for the training need identification. Once these needs are identified, they are analyzed and decisions are taken for filling these gaps. This is where the mode and duration of the training are defined. This is the input for the training plan.




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