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Training Program on InfoSec Governance in BFSI Sector - 4 Day Workshop




The use of Information and Communications Technology (ICT has increased many folds, in the Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) sector across the globe in the last  10 years. Delivery channels have immensely increased the choices offered to customers in conducting their transactions with ease and convenience. Various wholesale and retail payment and settlement systems have enabled faster means of moving the money to settle funds among banks, finance companies and insurance companies and customers. The dependence on technology is such that the in BFSI sector, business cannot survive and grow without the use of technology. The use on technology has led to various challenges like complex and different types of systems; compliance with regulatory and legal requirements; dependence on vendors due to outsourcing of IT services; external attacks on systems and cyber frauds; errors and system failures; and continuity of business processes in the event of major exigencies.


Due to the usage of Information technology, most of the business information (customer data apart from organizations' own business information) is being maintained in electronic form, which was earlier recorded in physical form (registers, documents etc). In view of this, the following new risks have emerged due to the usage of Information technology. 


Information Risks

  •  Leakage of confidential Information leading to loss of public image, loss of revenue etc.,

  • Unauthorized access to information leading to frauds (known or unknown) committed by employees / outsourced employees / criminals etc.,

  • Accidental and deliberate destruction of IT assets and information resulting in non-availability of IT systems for public service; and leading to  loss of reputation, loss of records of transactions (evidences), loss of revenue etc.,  

Course Description


The objective of this program is to bring focus on the need for effective Information Security Governance Program in BFSI sector to protect themselves and their customers adequately and appropriately. Participants will be taken through each and every aspect of ‘Information Security Governance’ in detail with real life examples from BFSI sector.  


Learning from the Course


This program enables the participants in enhancing their understanding of ‘Information Security Governance’. Further, it helps them in implementing best practices in their respective organizations, in the following areas.

  • Integration between Business goals and Information Security goals

  • Senior Management level direction and active involvement in Information Security

  • Information Security planning and assessment of new technologies before deployment

  • Ownership and accountability, at all levels – administrative offices as well as branch operations for planning, implementing, monitoring, reporting on and improving Information Security

  • Management support for prompt resolution of Information Security Issues

Who Should Attend?

  •  Chief Technology Officers (CTOs), Chief Information Officers (CIOs) and Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs)

  •  Business heads (Business Unit Heads, Finance, HR, Facilities Management)

  • Risk Management team

  • IT Managers/  Information Security Managers

  • Internal Auditors

  • Compliance Managers   

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