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Balanced Scorecard

STRATEGIQA conducts a comprehensive BSC workshop which will introduce the concept as well as help the management team to define and deploy the strategy with measurable objectives and monitoring process. This two day workshop will be followed by a series of sessions for follow up and ensuring that the BSC is implemented and delivers the expected results.

Balanced Scorecard is not MIS tool, as popularly believed. It is also not a performance management system. It is not a tool where KEY RESULT AREAS are identified and performance goals are defined. BSC is a strategy deployment tool. This helps the management in identifying the relationships between the four domains of strategy implementation, clients, financials, processes and training.

The concept is to start with financial goals. We then link these financial goals to the target client segments. The appropriate processes for delivering the products and services are defined and linked to these client segments. People who have to understand and implement these processes are trained as required.

At every stage, measurable goals are defined in each domain to ensure that actions are giving desired results. This monitoring will also result in course correction and fine tuning of our approach and processes, for getting better results.

The biggest challenge in implementing BSC is to realize that clients, financials, processes and training are not different disjointed areas. These are very closely inter-connected to that extent where if one does not fulfill its objective, the others will fail as well.

Balanced Scorecard method
Balanced Scorecard method has evolved to be one of the most effective strategy deployment tools over the years. STRATEGIQA uses the Balanced Scorecard Method in all their client engagements. This will help STRATEGIQA evolve meaningful strategies and deploy the strategies in an effective and traceable manner. Balanced scorecard methodology involves defining the business strategy and linking the integral parameters in a strategy map so that the implementation roadmap evolves clearly. This also helps in defining the metrics so that the results can be tracked in a quantified manner. Once the metrics are defined, we do a Balanced Scorecard Presentation to the senior management which brings the whole exercise into perspective. The regular monitoring and course correction ensures the business results.

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