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STRATEGIQA's Methodology

TRAINING Methodology

STRATEGIQA deploys unique methodology which revolutionizes the way training is done. We call this Consultative Training. The following steps are followed:

   > The strategic need for the training program is defined along with objectives.
   > Measurable (SMART) goals are defined at program and participant level.
   > Program is customized to map to strategy goals.
   > Program is deployed.
   > Participants identify a mini project to be done in Learning Implementation Program (LIP),
       within 4 to 8 weeks.
   > STRATEGIQA will provide remote assistance thru email/ phone till the project is completed.
   > The results are reviewed for integrity.

CONSULTING Methodology

STRATEGIQA focuses on developing internal capabilities for the clients through effective knowledge transfer. This enables our clients to manage and improve the systems and processes on an ongoing basis, without our assistance.

At STRATEGIQA, we use Socratic approach, where we move the clients from known to unknown. We engage in dialogue with the firm belief that our clients know their business well. Then we ask pertinent questions which trigger a different thought process and out of the box thinking.

STRATEGIQA becomes an outsider and third party observer, helping the clients to look beyond the obvious by leveraging their versatile industry experience. We question lot of beliefs and conventions. We challenge all the established processes for their ability to scale up and deliver the objectives. We look for opportunities for improvement in core processes, where a clear bottom line impact is understood and established.

In consulting engagements, STRATEGIQA adopts a well defined PDCA cycle. The SMART goals linked to the bottom line will govern the direction and define the success of the project.

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