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STRATEGIQA's Strategies


Defining and Implementing Metrics Program

Any system goes blind without appropriate measurement and progress monitoring system. Strategiqa helps clients define and implement a comprehensive metrics program for effective business management.

Strategiqa advises and adopts a top down approach, where the high level business goals and objectives are defined first. They are the mapped to individual departments and business units. Then a further drill down to the process level is done, where the process metrics are defined in line with the business objectives. >......More

Assessments/ Auditing for Effectiveness

Any system needs to be monitored periodically to ensure that effective compliance exists, meeting the business objectives. Strategiqa conducts these periodic system health checks, to appraise the management about the system health and recommend actions for improvements.

Our comprehensive coverage, with constant focus on business risk management has been appreciated by all our clients who have gained immense value additions. >......More


Root Cause Analysis/ Corrective and Preventive Actions

One of the most important aspects of process improvement is to clearly identify what is not working. Usually people stop with the first reason they get and try to set that right. In this case they are working on the proximity cause, but not the root cause.

Unless the root cause is identified and eliminated, the systemic weakness will continue to plague and the issues will keep coming up again and again. Strategiqa conducts a comprehensive workshop o root cause analysis and identifying the corrective actions.>......More

Internal Auditor Training

One of the weakest processes in many management systems is the internal auditing mechanism. In most of the companies, this exists just to meet the external audit requirements. Hardly any importance is given to this exercise as well its outcome. The management generally ignores the findings. This happens because of the way the whole process is understood and administered. Strategiqa addresses this issue through effective training and bringing a paradigm shift into the way people look at internal audits.>......More

Internal Quality Audit

Strategiqa also offers internal quality audit as a service to the clients who may not want to maintain a full fledged auditing team in house. The exercise brings some of the most experienced auditors to the table where the focus is on process improvement and bottom line value rather than mere compliance.>......More

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