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Internal Quality Audit

Strategiqa offers internal quality audit as a service to the clients who may not want to maintain a full fledged auditing team in house. The exercise brings some of the most experienced auditors to the table where the focus is on process improvement and bottom line value rather than mere compliance.

We will plan the IQA as per the client process needs. We usually recommend a Quarterly IQA for maintaining the process focus and continuity. The schedule will be prepared, ensuring that all the processes are covered.

In today’s highly competitive business environment, balancing the three critical components – People, Processes and Technology for effective deployment and utilization is very important. After this, balancing another three parameters Delivery, Quality and Profit becomes another big challenge. Under these dynamics, sustainable business growth becomes the most important concern of any business owner. The importance of process management and improvement cannot be ignored in this journey. We understand that most of the organizations have an uphill task in ensuring process compliance and ongoing improvements due to various reasons. We also understand that each organization is unique.

Strategiqa’s Offer

Strategiqa proposes an end-to-end solution covering the entire PDCA Cycle of Internal Audits. Offer includes the following:

    > Deploy highly experienced Lead Assessors to conduct Internal Audits covering all critical functions,
        as per client’s policy.
    > Coverage of all the applicable Process Models & Standards like QMS, ISMS, ITSMS and CMMi
    > Submit a detailed report with suggested Corrective & Preventive Actions
    > Create an agenda for improvement along with suggested Action Plan

Benefits to Client

    > Audits by highly experienced Lead Assessors
    > Objectivity and independence of the Audits
    > Minimized schedule deviation
    > No need to attract and retain high cost QA Team
    > Value added audits, focusing on improvements
    > Action plans for improvement as a deliverable
    > All improvements linked to bottom line
    > Elimination of redundant processes
    > No need to retrain specialist resources periodically
    > All identified training needs can be taken care, as an additional service

Strategiqa’s Competence

    > Highly experienced Associates in Hyderabad, Chennai and Bangalore
    > Aligning the processes to Business
    > Training services in various Process areas
    > Expertise in QMS, ISMS, ITSMS and CMMi
    > Well grounded Project Management and Six Sigma capabilities
    > Leadership Programs

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