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Defining and Implementing Metrics Program

Any system goes blind without appropriate measurement and progress monitoring system. Strategiqa helps clients define and implement a comprehensive metrics program for effective business management. Strategiqa advises and adopts a top down approach, where the high level business goals and objectives are defined first. They are the mapped to individual departments and business units. Then a further drill down to the process level is done, where the process metrics are defined in line with the business objectives.

Once these metrics are identified, Strategiqa helps clients identify the data sources and data collection mechanisms for collection and collation of data. This is very important as the collection should not become another project. The ease of collation will also facilitate frequent monitoring and this will increase the effectiveness of the metrics program.

The opportunities for automation must be resisted here. Till we know about the efficacy and appropriateness of the metric and whether it is short term or long term, we should not waste time and resources in automating junk data. Once we have tried and satisfied ourselves with the results, we may go for automation, depending on the scope and the amount of data to be handled.

The most important aspect of a metrics program is to use it often and initiate interim actions for addressing the deviations from the objectives. This will ensure that the complete PDCA cycle is established.

Strategiqa helps clients develop a comprehensive MIS and deploy the same for effective tracking and monitoring of business objectives.

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