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Internal Auditor Training

One of the weakest processes in many management systems is the internal auditing mechanism. In most of the companies, this exists just to meet the external audit requirements. Hardly any importance is given to this exercise as well its outcome. The management generally ignores the findings. This happens because of the way the whole process is understood and administered. Strategiqa addresses this issue through effective training and bringing a paradigm shift into the way people look at internal audits.

Strategiqa deploys a 2 Day Workshop for Internal Auditor Training.

The first day covers both the theoretical aspects of auditing as per ISO190011, as well as customized explanation of the Quality Management System, as per the participants domain and industry. This gives the participants a good understanding and appreciation of the process model as well as interpretation of international standards like ISO 9001:2000 in their particular scenario.

The second day covers a hands on auditing experience for all the participants, with either live or simulated samples. Every participant gets to audit selected processes and an immediate debrief is provided by all the observers about the behavioral parameters of the auditor. This methodology has been highly appreciated even by the experienced auditors who rarely get such an opportunity for a feed back.

After completing the audit, the participants are familiarized with the process of writing and reporting findings with process objectives in focus. This shifts the entire focus of the reporting from the classification to the actual risk exposure.

We have deployed this workshop for highly reputed clients with more than 10,000 employee strength and it has been one of the highest rated programs ever.

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