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Business Analytics

Business Analytics has been gaining a lot of importance and many successful IT service providers are recognizing it as a separate discipline. Business Analysis involves understanding the business scenario of the client along with As-Is and To-Be states. Once the roadmap is defined, the suggested solutions and IT interventions are planned and executed. Business Analysis helps clients understand and crystallize what they need from IT solution and manages the expectations. This also bridges the communication gap between clients / functional users and the technical development team. Business Analysis plays a vital role in effective requirement management and change management.

Business Analytics is a term that describes how organizations gather and interpret data in order to make better business decisions and to optimize business processes. Analytics are now regularly used in multiple areas, including sales, marketing, supply chain optimization, and fraud detection. Analytics may be used as input for managerial decisions. Business Analytics focuses on effective use of data and information to drive positive business actions. The body of knowledge for this area includes both business and technical topics, including concepts of performance management, definition and delivery of business metrics, data visualization, and deployment and use of technology solutions and analytic applications.

Analytics is dependent on data. If there is no data, there can be no analytics. For many organizations aspiring to be analytical competitors, the primary problem is not that they lack data. It is that they must contend with unnecessary data. Analysis is more effective when data is available from multiple sources. Organizations have traditionally underestimated the need for sophisticated IT. An organization that finds it has poor-quality data should postpone any plans to compete on analytics and instead should fix its data first.

Because the IT world changes so rapidly, many business analysts need to update their knowledge. Business analysis involves a set of well-defined skills and knowledge that combine topics from traditional business and IT disciplines. STRATEGIQA Business Analytics training course provides a concise learning opportunity for individuals wishing to enhance clients’ abilities in performing business analysis as they seek new opportunities or growth in the business. Analytics are Part of the Larger System. The innovations and trends of business analytics spanning the areas of process, new technologies, user interface design, and system integration, are being driven by business value.

STRATEGIQA provides analytic tools and techniques along with usage. Some of them include Modeling, Business Analysis, Requirement Management, Measurements and Monitoring and Decision Making. Roles and responsibilities along with the skills required are also clearly discussed. STRATEGIQA wants to be clients’ preferred partner in this transition and offers a compelling combination of domain expertise and hands on experience. Our expertise in process analysis, System design and deployment, business analytics, risk management, IT, and business understanding helps our clients, in deriving unique insights and with enhancing the effectiveness of clients’ business performance.

STRATEGIQA is a revolutionary business analytics training service provider with a special focus on pre-sales teams as well as client coordinators, project managers and project leads. The course provides a special focus on business analysis functions as they relate to the development of information technology solutions and the business analysis project life cycle. Course topics include the role of the business analyst, the role of the other team members, business case analysis and preparation, modeling the business processes, modeling the systems objects, and quality management and testing.

STRATEGIQA offers a very comprehensive 4 day program on Business Analytics which ensures a deep understanding of the topics, methodologies, tools and techniques involved in BA. The program focuses on the practical issues faced by most of the Business Analysts today and involves lots of case studies and hands on exercises.

The training can also be conducted on-site offshore model where the on site staff can participate through video conferencing.

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