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Business Continuity Management Systems

Business Continuity Management is a comprehensive process to ensure the continuation and improvement of business and is a major factor in an organizations’ survival during and after a disruption. BCM is a key component of Comprehensive Emergency Management. Good continuity planning can make the difference and in the long run make client more profitable. This policy covers entire operations of the organization. Business Continuity Management has evolved into a specialized area with a lot of top management focus. BCM is intended to serve as the centralized repository for the information, tasks, and procedures that would be necessary to facilitate the management’s decision-making process and its timely response to any disruption or extended interruption of the normal business operations and services. This is especially important if the cause of the interruption is such that a prompt resumption of operations cannot be accomplished by employing normal daily operating procedures.

Companies that don't have good business continuity plans often fail to survive a business disruption. There are many risks that may threaten client by disrupting the business processes. Many clients are insisting on a comprehensive strategy and practice as a part of payable carefulness before presentation of projects. Events with the potential to break the continuity of business or service delivery will vary with the type of the organization. The main causes and the range of business or service impacts on public sector organizations are Natural, Loss of premises, violation of confidentiality, Failure / corruption of IT, discontinuity of supply from suppliers, Loss of key documentation and skills, virulent disease, Industrial action, creation of legal liabilities, Environmental liabilities, Failure to comply with legal obligations, Financial loss, loss of reputation or public confidence and failure to deliver a service. Definitely these will impact on stakeholders. BCM is particularly beneficial when dealing with losses that are harder to quantify, and often more long lasting, such as damage to reputation or loss of trust from a mismanaged incident. Organizations that manage incidents well can even use good BCM as an opportunity to enhance their reputation. BCM operations are dependent on infrastructure and support services which provide support to mission critical functions. There is a lot of ground to cover in performing comprehensive Business Continuity Management. Although many threats and vulnerabilities are identified and mitigated, some of the threats cannot be prevented.

To overcome these flaws, STRATEGIQA helps clients develop Business Continuity Plan (BCP) and Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) to ensure the uninterrupted existence of clients’ business functions and continued service to clients. The primary objective of BCM is to protect and ensure functioning of assets, to establish policies and procedures to be used for information systems, in the event of an emergency. This includes minimizing the number of decisions which must be made during an emergency, identify the resources needed to execute the actions, establishing an operational capability to process pre-designated critical applications, define the process for testing and maintaining this plan and training for contingency teams, recovering data and restoring the affected systems to normal operational status.

All Projects shall comply with this policy, based on the business criticality. Main objective of STRATEGIQA is to ensure continuous availability of Information assets to an organization in event of any disaster. Continuity plans also be tested. Contingency plans may be developed and implemented to ensure that business processes can be restored within the required time-scales.

STRATEGIQA helps clients in doing a meaningful Business Impact Analysis (BIA) to evolve a comprehensive BCP strategy and BCP framework. We help clients implement the strategy through project level BC plans, addressing all the four levels of BCP, as per the business needs. STRATEGIQA Business Continuity Management framework develops and maintains business continuity throughout an organization and addresses the information security requirements needed for the client organizations’ business continuity. The consequences of disasters, security failures and loss of service are analyzed by us. STRATEGIQA helps clients save money as they serve to minimize disruptions and financial loss during even minor events. This means increased reliability and productivity for clients’ company leading to competitive advantage and increased market share.

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