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HR Policies

STRATEGIQA has extensive hands on experience of managing large teams in multiple verticals. This enables us to help corporate HR teams define various policies and procedures which will address all the process and operational needs of the organization. This happens in a workshop where all the key stake holders participate. This will increase the internal buy-in.

The duration and the coverage of the workshop can vary depending on the client requirements. Typical focus areas include

   > Compensation and Benefits
   > Governance and compliance
   > Employee life cycle management
   > Work area practices and policies
   > Critical policies every one should know
   > Training Policy and Process
   > Roles , responsibilities and competencies
   > Mission, Vision and Values

Performance Management System
There are many issues which arise out of unclear policies and STRATEGIQA helps clients in clearing all such issues. We help in defining and setting up a performance management system. This governs the employee life cycle in its entirety. We help define organizational specific performance goals for each of the role. These goals then get integrated into the performance management system, which will provide a framework for consistent objective performance evaluation.

HR Department as a Profit Centre
All support functions including HR are treated as cost centers. This is because the line managers and accountants do not see their contribution to bottom line. STRATEGIQA can help you change that perception. Defining well laid out performance objectives, we will help you not only to save cost but actually conclude in profitability enhancement.

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