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Information Security Management System

Information is a valuable asset in any organization, whether it is stored electronically or sent by mail. To effectively manage the threats and risks to organizations’ information assets, client should establish an Information Security Management System (ISMS). An ISMS is necessary to keep the competitive advantage in the challenging market place. ISMS must remain effective and efficient for an organization. Main phases in ISMS include designing, assessing, implementing, selecting and operating the controls, review and evaluate the performance and finally making changes where necessary.

The aim of information security management system is to enhance confidence in the effectiveness of the information services within an organization. The security management provides a backbone for securing the organization and its clients information assets and their operations. Failure to comply with the security policies could harm organizations’ ability to achieve its business objectives and/or damage its professional reputation.

The entire organization will have many management challenges, particularly when the focus is security. Managing computer and network security programs has become an increasingly difficult and challenging job. If an organization does not take structured steps to protect them, the subsequent losses could result in wide-ranging damages in revenue and brand image can decline.

STRATEGIQA believes that information security is every ones’ job. Every employee with in the scope of implementation will be involved in the exercise, to the extent applicable. Managing the information security with in an organization provides both advantages and conflict. Our approach ensures that the goals of security management are mapped to the high-level business goals of the client and resolves any conflict with the actions required to ensure that assets and processes remain productive. Finding the right balance between protecting the clients’ core assets and processes and enabling them to do their job is the core challenge for security management, effectively handled by STRATEGIQA.

In a large, complex organization, it is difficult to take an inventory to determine what needs to be protected and why. A comprehensive collection of organizational assets requires many skills and resources that are typically scattered throughout the organization. Chief Security Officers have one of the most difficult jobs in executive-level management because their success depends on utilizing many of the organizations’ skills and resources. Because security is a problem for the whole organization, it simply is no longer effective or acceptable to manage it from the information technology department.

Security is a business or organizational problem that must be framed and solved in the context of the organizations’ strategic drivers. STRATEGIQA provides ISMS based on the international standards ISO/IEC 27000, which will help client to implement an effective framework to establish, manage and continually improve the security of clients’ information. Security management must support the clients’ quest to be sensitive, flexible, and adaptive to the business environment and must be able to make a measurable contribution in increasing the clients’ ability to recover from a failure.

STRATEGIQA helps clients establish and maintain a security program that ensures confidentiality. This includes the protection of information in the system so that unauthorized persons cannot access it. We also address the integrity, utility, authenticity and availability of the company’s information resources. We mobilize many disparate parts of the organization to work together and to expand their core responsibilities to include security. Our services will give clients’ team, the knowledge and practical, hands-on experience needed to ensure that their efforts produce rapid results. Security management is often an expense-driven activity that can directly affect an organizations’ profitability. The use of resources is monitored, tuned and the future capacity requirements are projected to ensure the required system performance.

The key concept of ISMS is to design, implement and maintain a coherent suite of processes and systems for effectively managing information security, thus ensuring the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information assets and minimizing information security risks by following international standards like ISO27000. All the departments will undertake a comprehensive exercise of Asset Valuation and TVR analysis. STRATEGIQA helps clients in identifying proven security tools and techniques. Based on the Risk Treatment Plan, controls will be identified and implemented. An MIS will be deployed to monitor the effectiveness of controls.

STRATEGIQA conducts a unique 4 day ISMS implementation workshop, which covers Asset valuation, TVR Analysis, Risk Treatment, Control Identification and drafting SOA. This exercise helps organizations in completing the most difficult aspect of ISMS implementation under expert guidance and within 4 days.

A detailed list of training programs and audits offered by STRATEGIQA on the security related topics:
> ISO 27001 (ISMS) Awareness Training (1 Day)
> ISO 27001 (ISMS) Implementation Training (2 Days)
> ISO 27001 (ISMS) Implementing Controls (2 Days)
> ISO 27001 (ISMS) Internal Auditor Training (2 Days)
> ISO 27001 (ISMS) Lead Auditor Training (4 Days)>
> SAMA - Implementing SAMA Controls (2 Days)(for Saudi Arabia clients)
> Data Privacy - GDPR Awareness Training (1 Day)
> Data Privacy - GDPR Implementation Training (2 Days)
> Data Privacy - BS 10012 Awareness Training (1 Day)
> Data Privacy - ISO 27701 Awareness Training (1 Day)
> IT Auditing in BFSI Sector (4 Day Training)
> InfoSec Governance in BFSI Sector (4 Day Training)
> Training/Audit - ITIL, HIPAA, SOX-ITGC
> Training/Audit - Cyber Security
> Training/Audit - Network Security
> Training/Audit - Technology

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