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Leadership Skills

Most people use only a small percentage of their true talents and abilities. Without an established process, people will not use more of their talents and abilities automatically. Our leadership development process is designed to integrate learning into implementation in a way that produces improved results. Organizations must increase their effectiveness and productivity. For businesses to become truly empowered and innovative, they must develop leaders throughout the organization. We help people set and achieve goals, become self motivated and have a more positive mental attitude. The performance improvement is measured continuously to ensure that the people use more of their potential and increase the productivity of organizations.

360 Degree Manager©

STRATEGIQA offers 360 Degree Manager©, a unique leadership program which helps participants to realize their potential for leadership through building on strengths, improving self-image and motivation. It helps to make choices for success by overcoming obstacles to leadership, through developing a written, specific success plan. Our Leadership development process develops leaders who, in turn, empower their people to use their untapped talents and abilities.

The program is spread across 12 weeks, with weekly 4 hour interventions facilitated by STRATEGIQA. We cover the following topics across the sessions.

   > Week-01 Managing Priorities
   > Week-02 Effective Planning
   > Week-03 People Management
   > Week-04 Delegation and Empowerment
   > Week-05 Performance Management
   > Week-06 Mid term Evaluation
   > Week-07 Communication
   > Week-08 Decision Making and Problem Solving
   > Week-09 Creativity & Innovation
   > Week-10 Emotional Intelligence
   > Week-11 Change Management
   > Week-12 Final Evaluation and Certification

This program follows a unique methodology called Learning Implementation Program, which consists of goal driven training. A pre-program questionnaire will be circulated to all the participants and the participants are expected to fill it and identify some objectives and SMART goals. They are also to be reviewed by their reporting manager for appropriateness and alignment with the job responsibilities.

In the program the participants will be defining and identifying various challenges and will formulate SMART goals to overcome these challenges. The participants are accountable to take the necessary actions and achieve these goals. These goals are reviewed every week and tracked to completion. The participants are also encouraged to form new work habits which will ensure a lasting impact in their professional lives.

There will be a mid term as well as final evaluation sessions where the participants share the results they got out of the program. The participants will spend 12 weeks, in weekly half-a –day sessions of 4 hours with the facilitator. Apart from this the participants are expected to implement all the identified action items in their work place, spending the effort and time necessary for the same.

Combined with our unique Learning Implementation Program, we take the ownership of the results and effectiveness of the programs. All the participants of 360 Degree Manager© workshop define and set measurable goals to be achieved through the program and the same are tracked and monitored. Participants are helped for identifying the individual challenges and surmount them.

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