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Project Management

STRATEGIQA understands the challenges of project management and has extensive knowledge and hands on experience in this domain. Project management is the business of managing the entire endeavor through its project life cycle process by doing framework of initiation, defining project goals and objectives, feasibility study, planning, execution, control, and formal closing. The whole process focuses to ensure project success within a specific time frame. It has a definite beginning and end. It reduces risk and increases the chance of success. Project management is about creating an environment and conditions in which a defined goal or objective can be achieved in a controlled manner by a team of people.

A good project management discipline will identify all possible risks and handles them appropriately. Some of the aspects of project management that are particularly challenging are quality, cost and schedule. Projects must be delivered on time and must be within cost and scope. Projects must meet customer quality requirements. In general, the organizations tend to spend the bulk of their time on firefighting. This means that the representatives may not be focusing on quality. Projects are started out with misinformation, because the project estimate is made to appear lower than it would be in reality, in order to get final project approval. Because of this, projects will be finishing late, exceeding the budget and do not meet customer expectations.

Many project managers do not have appropriate staffing levels to plan and schedule large projects. Some times the project team is focused on the departmentís need and fail to take a company-wide view. Confusion between activity and progress causes failure to plan that can lead to untested assumptions and lack of awareness of risks. Some other things which can go wrong in project management are poorly defined goals and objectives, poor planning, inadequate resources, lack of management support, poor communications and conflicts between departments.

STRATEGIQA trains the users in various tools and methodologies to measure accomplishments and track project tasks. Our PMI certified trainers deploy customized programs for various industry segments. We concentrate on two main areas: scheduling skills, including Critical Path Analysis, and overall project planning following the Planning Cycle. Project managers who succeed are able to effectively give and receive criticism, know how to conduct a meeting, maintain a sense of humor, manage their time well, are open to new procedures, and use project management support tools effectively.

Effective project managers often create their own path by identifying one project after another. Such projects both help their organizations and further the project managersí own career. The project management team should have regularly scheduled review meetings and standardized reporting formats. This will ensure that information is clear and unaffected by varying ways of tracking and reporting. Having a clear and well-defined schedule at the outset of a project can help contain costs in the long run. These include Work Breakdown Structures, Gantt charts and PERT charts. STRATEGIQA enables the team to effectively utilize these tools for better ROI.

With hands on implementation experience in diverse verticals, STRATEGIQA understands the specific client challenges in each industry and discusses the solutions relevant to the target audience. STRATEGIQA takes the participants through progressive stages: proposal, initial investigation, detailed investigation, development and testing, trail, operation and closure. Participants are trained to analyze the project to reduce, avoid or mitigate risks. They are trained to focus on progress, rather than on completion of activities which doesnít ensure the project goals are met.

STRATEGIQA has developed hands on expertise in latest project management methodologies like Earned Value Methodology and Critical Chain Project Management.

Earned Value Methodology is an excellent way to present project status to the top management. This can give us a constant update about the project profitability and financial status along with the effort and schedule deviations.

Critical Chain Project Management is based on the Theory Of Constraints and focuses on buffer management after removing resource contentions. This is another effective tool which can deliver project well with in scheduled time.

STRATEGIQA provides training to manage all phases of a project effectively including aligning project initiatives with strategic objectives; acquiring tools and techniques to successfully execute projects, programs and portfolios; developing skills to get people to work together more effectively; lead cross-functional teams in a global context and build the skills to meet the requirements of a changing marketplace. A very large project may well be subdivided into sub-projects, each of which is managed as a project in its own right. Our programs guide project mangers to supervise and control the project from beginning to end.

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